Teaching Notes: The Fall Playlist

At the beginning of the semester, I give my students one collaborative assignment they collectively build throughout the fall. It’s a version of the Spotifying Arabic Literature assignment I devised in 2016 at the Innovative Teaching Summer Institute.

For each text, one or two students are responsible for creating a study guide (an assignment I borrowed from Professor Julie Crawford) for everyone in the class. At the end of each study guide, I asked that the students responsible include at least one song that recalls, encapsulates, rejects, critiques, mirrors, affirms, and/or embellishes any of the text’s themes, imagery, style, tone, language, etc. For each song selection, I also asked that they offer a short explanation to their peers about why they made that particular choice.

Now that the semester is over, here’s the Literature Humanities Fall 2018 playlist my two sections came up with. Also – DISCLAIMER: in case you’re thinking about playing this at your family holiday party – some of the lyrics are explicit.



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