20 Ramadan 1441

I have been wont to use the phrase “a genre of X person” over the last two weeks in Quarantine. For example, there is a genre of wyt woman who likes to surround herself with people of color as long as they need her. There is also a genre of South Asian Muslim man who slides into your DMs and tries to flex by including an Arabic word in Arabic in said DM.

One did so yesterday in mine.

I believe this must be one of my sister’s trolls. She gets DM’s like this a bazillion times a day in her #PlacesYoullPray page on Instagram, so she’s an expert at leaving them on read—but the Lord of All Genres of People knows that if I got DM’s like this everyday, I would roll my eyes so hard and so many times they’d be stuck in the back of my head by now.

But I guess, today, since the #MaghribtoMaghrib prompt is “Forgiveness,” I will simply roll my eyes and forgive.

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