Post-pandemic goals

28 Ramadan 1442

This panini, unless you live in a very privileged bubble, is not ending any time soon. People are literally dying to be vaccinated while others are refusing a free and accessible public health service.

Many of us have been irrevocably changed by what we have experienced; I am suspicious of those who have not been moved to transform in any way; we have learned too much to remain as we were.

Like, I just learned from a woman that she keeps a specific fragrance for every season because every season has a feeling; and I think that is beautiful.

So even if our sense of smell is gone by the time we are post-pan-pizza, I hope my fragrance game will be most excellent 👀💅🏾

2 thoughts on “Post-pandemic goals

  1. Oh yeah, it’s a very good lesson indeed, this pandemic. I myself have learned gratitude, especially after seeing the sadness happening in India. Anyway, thanks for this post!


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