Daytime Sugar

13 & 14 Ramadan 1443

I was too dead tired to write anything yesterday.

I came home around 7:20 PM and thought about writing about the best grapes I’ve ever had. They have the texture of ripened plums, little green translucent balloons of sweet juice that burst in your mouth. My colleague who gave them to me described them as fancy grapes. They truly are.

But then I didn’t write.

I just sat down and ate more grapes instead of write about them and hung out with old friends via Zoom.

But today, because I’m still bleeding, I’ve had day-time sugar and caffeine and sat in the sun for an hour thanks to my moon cycle sister; I combed through several students’ monologues and scenes; and I decided to write before heading to a meeting.

I’m heading to a meeting now.

Happy second Friday of Ramadan 💐

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