20 Ramadan 1443

It’s 5:07 AM. Suhur today ended at 4:27 AM.

Some of you are new to me, new to Ramadan, new to this schedule. Suhur – or Seheri – is the meal eaten at the time of Sahar, my name. Sometimes I pronounce my name as سحر in Arabic, and sometimes I pronounce my name as سحر in Persian — or Turkish or Bangla or Hindi or Urdu. Sahar is one of the most powerful parts of the night, a time of intimacy for those seeking forgiveness, the time before Fajr – dawn, the break of day, when the sun begins to rise and its light can be seen on the horizon.

I’m full. I ate chicken and rice. I could have drank more water, but I was distracted by sleepiness, thoughts about my schedule today, what classes I’ll teach, students who want to talk through their narratives, and how rehearsal will go.

I tabled those thoughts to pray Fajr.

It’s 5:34 AM, and I can see light behind my curtain. The time of Sahar is done. I’ll sleep a little more.

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