A Memory

27 Ramadan 1443

Exactly one year ago
I went for a walk
I was hurting so very badly
And along the way, I met Trevor
He was just hanging out
In his massive enclosure
Chomping on grass
All by himself
I stopped to watch him
He was so very beautiful
When Trevor saw me and my companions
He stopped chomping
Picked up his head
Walked straight toward me
And rested his head on my shoulder
It was the most amazing thing
And I hurt a little less
And when one of my companions tried to pet him, Trevor wouldn’t let him
Trevor turned around and walked away
And every time I have visited him since that day
Always without snacks
(I kinda feel bad about it, but OH WELL)
Trevor will walk on over
Put his head on my shoulder
Slobber all over my arm and head
And boop my boobs
That last part was weird.
We had to work on it.
Also, I have no idea what his real name is.
The end.

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