For the first time since pandemic times

24 Ramadan 1443

On Saturday, for the first time since pandemic times, I broke my fast inside a Muslim family’s home that was not my family. It was delicious and full of familiar generosity – bismillah, eat, pray, eat some more, your plate needs more, have coffee and tea, your cup needs filling – that I have missed so much.

And yesterday, for the first time since pandemic times, I went outside to try on new clothes for Eid.

Regarding the latter, I shared with several students during iftar at the Church last night that I went out to look for something to wear for Eid earlier that day.

Two students then shared with me what they planned on wearing.

Both chose fabulous outfits. Both were not entirely sure what shoes to wear, although one said they will definitely wear flats because she doesn’t do heels — so I shared a photo of what I tried on and was thinking of buying. And possibly wearing with black heels.

The kids affirmed I, too, would look fabulous — and that I should go back and get that dress.

And I felt something I haven’t felt in years. Even before pandemic times.

I felt excited about how beautiful everyone will look in their bright, shiny, colorful clothes to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

I felt excited about Eid.

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