Before sunrise

25 Ramadan 1443

Right before the sun set, I received terrible news. The kind that makes you move sluggishly and turns everything else into background noise. The kind that needs clarification so your mind stops going to the worst case scenarios. The kind that makes you feel guilty for being happy about Eid.

Then, right after the sun set, a most excellent human left a bag of fried chicken with naan at my door. The deliverer was nowhere to be seen, so when I saw the bag hanging on my door knob, I thought – Did I will fried chicken into existence? ITS A RAMADAN MIRACLE.

But THEN I checked my text messages. “I put the food on the door knob.”

So right before the sun rose today, we ate fried chicken and naan.

And after eating, I thanked this most excellent human, who is currently mastering the art of Muslim internet humor. After viewing her recommendation BROKEN IFTAR, a short film, I decided it was time to share Farid Alhadi’s masterpiece FIRST DAY FAST. For context—it came out while I was an MA student at the University of Chicago, when Birthday Sex topped the charts.

And that’s all I got for my post-sahar meditation today, for which I have no photos.

So here’s my Climate Action Day story from yesterday. A visual narrative, if you will.

Good morning.

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