29 Ramadan 1441

I’m not sure when it happened, but at a certain point, I loved Ramadan more than both Eids. I loved Ramadan so much it always made me sad to see it end.

At a certain point, I loved Ramadan so much, Eid felt like an obligation to put on your best clothes, eat good food while the sun is out, hug and kiss the folks you prayed with, give and accept gifts like you mean it, visit the dead and living to bring them joy, but really, I just missed Ramadan.

And I guess I will accept the gift I received in the mail from a friend who somehow knew I was contemplating shaving my head and this time, instead of crying, I will laugh and laugh because she’s always telling me to FLEX ON ‘EM.

And I guess I’ll wear my best clothes and remove these child safety bars so I can commune with my stoopdwellers and finally live my best west side story, only in the heights.

ALSO, after more than two months, a human who is not my husband came for a visit—INSIDE my home. He told me if I see any more cockroaches to let him know, and he’ll come back with the gel, but I should be good for at least the next 6 months because the spray is stronger than the gel.

We should be good for at least the next 6 months. He’s brought me so much joy.

I’m ready for Eid.


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